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Admin+ by Kincaid IT is an all-in-one cloud management suite centered around tools that support Google Workspace.

Google Workspace for Education

Gain unique Google Workspace features for security, teaching, and learning.

Professional Services

Supplementary services that set you up for success, including training and technical consulting.
Google for Education Partner

Who we Serve

K-12 Schools

Improve the operational efficiency and simplify processes of managing your Google Workspace so you can focus on improving student outcomes and increasing educator effectiveness.

Higher Education

Increase your ability to manage your Google Workspace at an Enterprise level – Simplification of processes and overall greater operational efficiency will allow you to spend your time managing the system versus working in the system.

Our Products

Explore our Unique Products

Our KIT Central tools enable you to take control of your Google Workspace for Education storage and manage your users more efficiently.

KIT Central Storage+ & Admin+

Simple dashboards give you a quick overview of storage usage for your entire domain and on a per-user basis. This allows you to quickly identify what files are taking up the most room in your domain and how to optimize for this usage.

KIT Central Workflow+

KIT Central Workflow+ elevates your Google Workspace environment with automation. Needing to automate user onboarding, OU changes, password resets by OU, drive permissions, or storage notifications? We can help!


Explore our Industry-leading Services

In addition to our products, we also offer supporting services that help you get the most out of your Google Workspace for Education environment.

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Domain Audit

Our Audit service analyzes all aspects of your Google for Education domain and makes recommendations to optimize it.

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Security Audit

Through our Security Audit, we will assess and evaluate the current security settings and suggest optimizations to ensure your organization is safe.
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Forget about domain concerns, we provide on-demand assistance through our Technical Services.

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