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Kincaid IT offers a variety of professional learning options to support educators at all levels of integrating technology from novice to proficient. Our options encompass choices for a variety of scenarios: Learn on Demand for individual professional growth, Learn Together for collaborating with colleagues, and Customized Professional Learning to support schools and districts for an extended period of time. 

Some of our Learn on Demand course options offer teachers an additional option to purchase Continuing Education Credits from the University of Central Missouri at the completion of specific courses for an additional fee.  Click here for more information.

Professional Learning Offerings


Learn on Demand

  • Teacher-focused online learning any time, any place, at any pace
  • Meets all comfort levels of implementing technology into instruction
  • Asynchronous learning to help implement digital initiative
  • Learner-focused experience through interactive modules
  • Mastery of content assessed 
  • Option for teachers to purchase Continuing Education Credits through the University of Central Missouri (UCM)

Learn Together

  • Training your district/school leaders and/or coaches to deliver instructional technology to staff
  • Assist your team of innovators to meet long-term and short-term goals
  • Monitor the progress of your staff in Kincaid IT’s Learn on Demand courses
  • Quick access to templates and resources 
  • Professional support and consulting for customized solutions

Customized Professional Learning

  • Kincaid IT’s instructional and technical teams will assist your leadership team with district-wide changes with technology
  • Create a customizable plan for the technical setup and prepare staff for the changes in their various roles


  • 1:1 initiatives with Devices
  • Migrating to Gmail
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus

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