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KIT Central offers storage management for Google Workspace. Whether you’re looking for advanced storage controls for your domain or you want to improve the efficiency of storage usage, Kincaid IT in partnership with Google, can help.

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Storage Management

KIT Central Storage+ allows you to manage your organization's storage needs with precision and flexibility. Simple dashboards give you a quick overview of storage usage for your entire domain and on a per-user basis. This allows you to quickly identify what files are taking up the most room in your domain and how to optimize for this usage. Additionally, KIT Central Storage+ helps you understand what unused files in your domain can be moved into Google Cloud Storage Buckets, to free up space. These insights can make a big difference in managing your organization's storage needs.

  • KIT Central Storage+ Dashboard
  • KIT Central Storage+ User Overview Page
  • KIT Central Storage+ Dashboard
  • KIT Central Storage+ User Overview Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Do suspended users count towards the overall user count when quoting?

Yes, all users within a Google Workspace domain count towards the overall pooled storage.

How does the customer receive training?

Customers are eligible for one 30 minute training session.

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We’re not done yet… We keep adding new storage tools to our Storage+ KIT so make sure to keep checking back for more information on upcoming feature releases.

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