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Need to Elevate Your Google Workspace Environment?

KIT Central is an all-in-one cloud management suite centered around tools that support Google Workspace for Education. Our web application brings select tools out of the admin console with enhanced features and adds new additional functionality for managing your workspace environment with ease.

KIT Central – Admin Tools

We offer two plan types KIT Central Admin and KIT Central Admin+. Below is an outline of both consoles and what features are included in each.

Features Admin Admin+

User Management

Create, Edit, Remove
Reset Passwords
View/Edit User’s Group Memberships
Delegate user access to manage

Groups Management

Create, Edit, Remove
Edit Permissions
View/Edit Group’s User Memberships
Delegate user access to manage

Storage Management

Dashboard of storage usage by domain
Dashboard of storage usage by user
File searching by domain with filters of mime type, user, name*
View and search all files by user (including shared drives) with actionable options:
   •  Actions: Move to trash now, Schedule for Trash, Flag excessive storage
   •  Email notification on actions taken
Logging and history of actions and email notifications
Delete files in users drives
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*100 largest (by size) files in a user’s drive are preloaded on the global build. All files by individual users are available on-demand within the users report dashboard.

Unlimited Storage will Soon be a Thing of the Past

Check out this article by our very own Cloud Lead, Mike Wallace and learn more about what the new storage limits mean for you and your district.

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