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Need to Elevate Your Google Workspace Environment?

KIT Central is the perfect application to help you manage and get the most out of your Google Workspace. With features like User, Group, Classroom, and Storage management, we can help you get the most out of your Google Workspace environment. We offer three plans that give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for your organization.

KIT Central Admin

KIT Central Admin gives you more flexibility to manage your users, groups, and classrooms.

  • Manage your users with precision through our advanced user management tool
  • Our group management features enable efficient policies across your Google Workspace environment
  • Advanced Classroom management allows for precise management of classes on a per-student/teacher basis.
    *only available for Google for Education environments

KIT Central Storage+

If you’re interested in more robust storage management, KIT Central Storage+ is the right fit for your organization.

  • The advanced storage tools in KIT Central Storage+ enable you to effectively and efficiently manage your workspace’s storage in a single place.
  • Our storage dashboard shows you who’s using the most data and helps you manage users with the most storage needs.

KIT Central Admin+

KIT Central Admin+ is your all-in-one plan with the most comprehensive toolset to manage your Google Workspace environment.

  • Includes all KIT Central Admin features
  • Includes all KIT Central Storage+ features
  • Advanced analytics show you statistics from Google Meets, Google Classroom, and Chromebooks.

Compare Plans

Admin Storage+ Admin+

User Management

Create, Edit, and Remove Users
Reset Passwords
View/Edit Group Memberships
Delegate Management Rights to Users

Group Management

Create, Edit, and Remove Groups
Edit Group Permissions
View/Edit User Memberships per User
Delegate User Access to Manage

Classroom Management

Create, Edit, Remove Classes
View/Edit Courses
View/Edit Coursework
View, Add, and Remove Course Teachers

Storage Management

Simple Dashboards
Storage Usage by Domain
Storage Usage by User
Storage Usage by Organization Unit
File Search by Domain with Custom Filters
Search Files by User
Manage Shared Drives
Storage Log and History of Events
Delete Files on a Per-User Basis
Delete Files in Shared Drives
Delete Shared Drives and Contents
Locate Unused Shared Drives
Manage Ownership of Drive Content
Use External Data Source for Storing Cached Data
Organization Level Role Access
Transfer Data from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage

Classroom Management

Tenant Database
Log In with Google Domain Account
Access to Knowledge Base
Email & Chat Support
Future Tools and New Features Included

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