Workspace Security Audit

Worried about security?

Have you been running your own Workspace domain successfully for years but never taken the time to review the security settings? Let our team meet with your domain administrator virtually for an express check of security.  This virtual meeting will allow us to look collaboratively with your admin and discuss the security settings.


What's Included

This consultation time allows you to get up-to-date input on best practices and ask questions specific to your domain.

Administrative Account Review

We will look at how the accounts are configured, roles assigned and access levels.

Review of Security Settings

We review password management policies, 2-Step verification policies and verify setup of account recovery.

App Security Audit

Workspace for Education allows organizations to use Core Service applications and third-party applications.  Understanding security settings helps protect your stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a good resource for parents' questions about Workspace for Education?

The Workspace for Education Privacy Notice can be found here:

Why should we review security settings as we have been a Workspace for Education district for years?

Regular security audits of your Workspace domain are important as they help identify security risks so that you can make changes to protect your organization.  An annual audit is recommended best practice.

Can we give email but lock down the restrictions for some of our students?

Yes, Gmail security settings allow the domain administrator to set security controls based upon the OU structure. For example, a district may not allow students to sent emails to anybody but teacher groups.

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