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Are you new to Google Workspace for Education?

Is your school or district new to Google Workspace for Education?  Our Quickstart KIT  services provide that guided setup and support for a successful deployment and integration.  Our experience has shown that successful deployments begin with planning.  Our deployment specialists will work alongside your team to learn about your stakeholders’ requirements and discuss potential settings to help you make informed decisions.  Kincaid IT will also work with your institution to ensure change management practices and communications planning are in place to support the IT environment as changes are implemented. 

What’s Included

Kincaid IT brings a unique approach to school districts as we offer both technical and instructional services.  We will also set aside planning time with not only your IT staff but also your instructional team.  Our educator deployment team will work alongside the technical team to discuss settings and how the settings work within the instructional environment.  We know from our experience that every district is unique.  Therefore, we discuss settings specific to both your instructional and technical needs.


Account Management

We’ll help you set up user accounts for all administrative personnel and help you create account roles to make your Google Workspace environment more efficient.

Organization Setup

At the core of a successful Google Workspace implementation is a well-thought-through Google Workspace organizational structure. We’ll help you set this up and assist in the management of your structure.

Password Policy Management

Security is more important than ever and it all starts with a solid Password Policy. Our team can assist in the set up of this policy and give you guidance in how to maintain it.

Services Management

A review of Google for Education’s Core Service Apps will be done along with a recommendation of any third-party apps that benefit your organization.

EDU Settings Recommendation

We incorporate all settings within your Google Workspace domain based on our educational expertise and recommendations from Google for education.

Next Steps Recommendation

Post-deployment, we’ll assist your organization in creating an action plan that ensures your Google Workspace efficiency and total security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we migrate our email from our on-premise platform to Gmail?

Yes, migration services are available. Migration isn’t covered in Quickstart KIT but can be added as an add-on service.

Why should we review security settings as we have been a Google Workspace for Education district for years?

Regular security audits of your Google Workspace domain are important as they help identify security risks so that you can make changes to protect your organization.  An annual audit is recommended best practice.

Can we give email but lock down the restrictions for some of our students?

Yes, Gmail security settings allow the domain administrator to set security controls based upon the OU structure. For example, a district may not allow students to send emails to anybody but teacher groups.

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