Education Plus KIT

Need more advanced tools to manage your Google Workspace for Education?

Education Plus KIT is for organizations either brand new to Google Workspace for Education Plus or those that already have it. Google Workspace for Education Plus offers all the existing Google Workspace for Education functionality plus features like enterprise-grade capabilities in analytics, communications, learning tools, security, teaching, and video.


What’s Included

Let Kincaid IT work with your team to dive into the additional features of the Enterprise license to ensure complete understanding and talk through use cases.


Advanced Analytics and Security

A review of your security health page and followup discussion could help reveal ways you can proactively monitor and reduce security risks.

License Provisioning

Our team will review your existing license structure, and make recommendations on how to automate your provisioning process.

Investigation Tool

Time will be spent with your team to ensure understanding and use of the investigation tool. This will be done in your environment and specific to use cases that are relevant to your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Education Plus KIT be used to help train our Workspace admin on using the investigation tool?

Yes, Kincaid IT can use the Education Plus KIT to work individually with your domain administrator to help with understanding of the security investigation tool.

When we deployed Google Workspace for Education Plus we were unsure how to reuse licenses from staff that left the district. Can you help us with license deployment and develop a strategy for us moving forward?

Yes, Kincaid IT will review the current licenses assigned with your administrator. Then, we can develop a strategy for reallocating to fit the organization’s needs.

When we deployed Google Workspace for Education Plus in summer of 2020, we really focused on the classroom tools. Can you help us understand the security features and the use cases in education?

Yes, our team will go through examples of the use cases and using your domain’s data we can discuss these features and how they could impact the organization.

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