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Advanced storage controls for your domain

Google  Workspace offers a first line of visibility into your domain’s storage.  However, there are no tools to then make decisions and take action on files within the domain and make notification of end users with storage concerns.  Storage+ is that tool to provide additional control for domain system administrators.

Google Workspace Solution | Storage+
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With Storage you’re able to:

  • Find the largest files in your organization
    Find the largest files in your school district and then take action with Storage.
  • Delete drive content
    With Storage you can move files to the trash, schedule them to go to the trash, or delete them instantly all with just a couple of clicks.
  • Find and fix duplicate content
    Do you have duplicate files on your Google Drive taking up storage space? Storage allows you to quickly find duplicate files and then delete the additional copies all while maintaining access and editing rights.
  • Move files to Google Cloud Storage
    Have files that you need to archive? In only a couple of clicks you can move files from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage, freeing up space in drive and providing a spot for storing and archiving your data.
  • Transfer Files
    While the Google Admin Console allows you to transfer the entire contents of a user’s Google Drive, Storage lets you select and transfer only the relevant files. Imagine that you need to transfer the files of a recently retired counselor to the school’s new counselor. Besides the files in question, the user’s Google Drive may also include personal photos, tax return information (and social security numbers), employee evaluations and more. With Storage you can share only the appropriate information and prevent accidentally sharing personally identifiable information (PII).

We offer flexibility to choose
what’s right for your organization.

User Management
Google Workspace Admin Console
Create, Edit, Remove
Reset Passwords
View/Edit Group Memberships
Delegate user access to manage
Groups Management
Google Workspace Admin Console
Create, Edit, Remove
Edit Permissions
View/Edit User Memberships
Delegate user access to manage
Storage Management
Google Workspace Admin Console
Automated Onboarding
Dashboard of storage usage by domain
Dashboard of storage usage by user
Dashboard of storage usage by organization unit
File searching by domain with filters of mime type, user, name*
Duplicate files report
View and search all files by user with actionable options:
• Move to trash now, Schedule for Trash, Delete File,
Transfer to Google Cloud Storage, Transfer ownership
• Email notification on actions taken
Shared Drives
• Includes a table of all users/permissions who
have access to the drive
• Includes a snapshot of the top files in the drive
• Includes totals across the shared drive"
You can see a list of drives, view all users
who have access to the drives, view all user
permissions, and see the total storage for the
drives. But, you do not get a snapshot of the
top files in the drive.
Logging and history of actions and email notifications
There is an email log search feature, but
it does not list all emails or show actions or email notifications. You have to manually search for email logs by typing in a recipient and a sender.
Delete files in users drives
Delete files in shared drives
Admin must be added as a user of the drive first.
Delete shared drives and contents
Admin must be added as a user of the drive first.
Locate shared drives with no users
Transfer ownership of drive content
Use external data source for storing cached data
Automation: Scheduled usage report emails, set internal storage limits and automatically notifiy users who are in excess
Organization level role access to tool
Transfer from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage
(cloud storage and outbound GCP costs not included)
• Transfer individual user’s files to GCS
• Transfer entire user’s Google Drive to GCS
• Transfer entire Shared Drive to GCS
Set Storage Limits by OU
Google Workspace Admin Console
Use workflows to automate Google Workspace
Reoccuring Workflows
Conditions based on trigger
Trigger - User events
Trigger- Device/Chromebooks
Action - Drive - Trash file
Action - Drive - Add permission
Action - Drive - Remove permission
Action - Drive - Update permission
Action - Groups - Add membership
Action - Google Licence Assignment
Action - Licenses - Remove All
Action - Storage report
Action - Storage Noftications Based on OU
Action - Chrome - Chromebook Report
Action - Send emails
Action - Set email signatures
Tenant Database
Log in with Google
On-boarding training
Knowledge base
Email & Chat Support
Future tools and new features included

Users and Groups

 Create, edit and remove users; reset passwords; delegate user access for management efficiency, view and/or edit group membership; edit permissions within the group


Build automated tasks such as onboarding staff or students; moving Chromebook to OU based upon recent login activity; run scheduled reports and deliver to the appropriate email account including service accounts

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