KIT Merge

A New Way to Merge Documents

KIT Merge is a new, easy-to-use Google Workspace Add-on that allows you to merge documents into one document in a matter of minutes. KIT Merge starts with data from Google Forms or Sheets and merges this information into customized Google Slides, Docs or PDF files for each student, parent, colleague, or any other recipient you choose.

How Does it Work?

KIT Merge allows your recipients to receive an individualized outcome like certificates, charts, graphic organizers, outlines for writing and research, confirmation of documents received, substitute reports, and more. The ideas are endless. KIT Merge even organizes the documents for you. You will have an organized folder in your Google Drive with a collection of each KIT Merge project in this one location that includes a log sheet of files and a folder of generated files.

KIT Merge Document Diagram

What is Possible?

  • Certificates
  • Lesson Plans
  • Letters
  • Permission Slips
  • Diagrams
  • Progress Reports
  • Invitations
  • Training
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Projects


Follow our Youtube tutorials for tips and tricks on how to use KIT Merge.

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