Create Meeting Notes in Google Calendar

Collaborative Agendas and Meeting Notes are one of the most popular uses of Google Docs.  This month Google Workspace released a new Google Calendar feature that lets hosts quickly start and share meeting notes or agendas.  

Create Meeting Notes Before the Meeting

Want to create an agenda before your meeting and quickly and easily share it with everyone participating? When you use Meeting Notes, Google Calendar will automatically create Notes for you in Google Docs, populate the document with event information, share the document with everyone invited to the meeting, and create a shortcut in the event in Google Calendar.

To get started:

  1. Create or edit an event in Google Calendar.
  2. Click “Add description or attachments.”
  3. Select “Create meeting notes.”

The Meeting Notes document will be created when you save your calendar event.

Creating Meeting Notes During the Meeting

You can also use Meeting Notes to record meeting notes after the event has started.  If you organized the meeting, a pop-up menu will ask you to share and attach the document to your event.  Just click “Share & attach” when you’re ready to share it with everyone in the meeting.

More Information About Meeting Notes

  • Want to use an existing document for your meeting notes? You can use the meeting notes template in any Google Doc by typing “@“ in the doc and using the drop-down menu to select “Meeting notes” and then selecting the event.
  • If you use Meeting Notes you will still be able to add additional Google Docs and attachments to the meeting event.
  • Meeting Notes are automatically saved in “My Drive”.

Want to stay up to date with the latest changes and improvements in Google Workspace and how they might impact your school or organization?  Check out our monthly webinar, “The Admin Briefing,” on our events page.  


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