September 8, 2021

Benefits of a Domain Audit

Kinzie Wooderson

Technical Writer for Kincaid IT


If there is one constant with Google, it is that features change. I think we can all also say the same with our users’ needs.

Whether your organization’s Google Workspace environment was thrown together quickly during pandemic closures or it’s been in place for years, an audit is a great check of its health. If there is one constant with Google, it is that features change. I think we can all also say the same with our users’ needs. This often leaves us making updates on the fly to prevent a change at Google from impacting our users (until we have time to learn more about it) or to resolve end user issues that are affecting instruction. Closures brought different needs for even the most senior of Google Districts. Now is the time to take a step back and figure out where we are!

Laptop with Gmail logo on the screen

Similar to other industry standards for things like cybersecurity, Google has published an in-depth list of best practices for Education users. These recommendations help ensure that your Google Workspace is secure, fine tuned for young users and in compliance with industry standards and regulations. With a Google Workspace Audit KIT through Kincaid IT, an in-depth report will be provided for key areas such as your domain, organization, apps and security. 

The professionally compiled report will provide you with best practice recommendations alongside your current settings. This is a great support for important conversations with key stakeholders, such as your school board or executive team, on changes that may be critical to ensuring smooth operations and compliance with regulations such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). 

After getting the report, you and your team can review, prioritize and if appropriate document why you’re using settings other than what is considered best practice. This is great to have together in case of an incident or an outside audit by an insurance provider or other third party seeking accountability. 

The Google Workspace Audit KIT through Kincaid IT provides an understandable framework to guide you in management of this critical resource and what has become a core to both business and educational operations. With the audit in hand, you will know where you stand and have a comprehensive map to where you are going. 


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