March 31, 2021

Chromebooks in the Hands of Students: Taking Pictures and Making Videos

Julie Jensen

Learning and Innovation Manager


When students need to capture a photo of their creations or use video to demonstrate a skill, their Chromebook can be that one tool to do both.

Using the technology students already have in their hands can streamline a day of learning while simplifying how teachers plan with one tool in mind. When students need to capture a photo of their creations or use video to demonstrate a skill, their Chromebook can be that one tool to do both.  

Video equipment on table including camera, tablet, pencils and more.

As you know, Chromebooks come equipped with the capability for students to use a camera. Pictures can display creations made by students and videos can tell the story behind the learning. Students who are still developing writing and keyboarding skills can use these multimedia tools to demonstrate learning. Pictures and video are both highly engaging for collaborative groups. In addition, students must work as a team to research, organize information and create evidence through images or video for an audience.

When you start incorporating the camera into learning activities, decide on one path that will provide the easiest means for your students to create with images or video. Over time, you can add to their options. Model for students when it makes sense to be quick and simple and when there is time to search for more creative options. Here are instructions for three paths to using images and video in less than one minute: 

  • Using the Camera App from the Chrome Web Store, students can choose to take pictures or create videos that they save to their Google Drive. Students can access and insert images or videos into any digital tool that allows file uploads.

    If the Camera App from the Chrome Web Store has not already been added for students to use, consider making that request within your district so that finding the recording tool is easier for all students. Once added, students can create a shortcut on their Chromebooks to each tool when they right-click and select “Pin to shelf.”
  • Students often start working in Google Docs, Drawings and Slides for a variety of outcomes. While creating inside any of these applications, a camera for taking pictures is only a few clicks away. Click > Insert > Image > Camera.

Check out our March 10, 2021, blog post, Chromebooks in the Hands of K-12 Students, to learn more about other Chromebook features.


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