March 3, 2021

Kincaid IT partners with friEdTechnology

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Kincaid IT partners with friEdTechnology to offer learning institutions more options for their Google for Education vouchers

Unique business relationship provides free IT deployment and technology training to qualifying educational organizations 

Kincaid IT, a division of The Kincaid Group, is joining forces with friEdTechnology to provide educational organizations with expanded opportunities for free technology deployment and training assistance for Google Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. Both companies have been designated as Google 2021 Trusted Partners, meaning they can provide services to qualifying educational institutions at no cost to the district or school.

Through the Google for Education Services Offer, school districts and other educational organizations purchasing Chromebooks or Google Workspace for Education Plus licenses through Sept. 30 will receive vouchers for free technical assistance and technology professional development for educators. Through this special offer, learning institutions are required to choose just one Google Service Provider for all services. Before the launch of the Kincaid IT-friEdTechnology partnership, education leaders were forced to choose either professional development or IT deployment services — but not both — based on the available providers.

Thanks to the partnership, any qualifying educational institution may now use their Google vouchers for both staff professional development and technical assistance by selecting either Kincaid IT or friEdTechnology.

“Kincaid IT and friEdTechnology are the only two companies on the 2021 Google for Education Services Offer that have built a partnership providing both IT deployment services and training for staff,” said Dr. Amy Bailey, Kincaid IT chief innovation officer. “We are excited to launch this unique affiliation and look forward to working with schools and districts to ensure that they are set up for success in the Google for Education environment.”

After completing Chromebook or Google Workspace for Education Plus purchases or Chrome Education Updates, the educational organization will receive a proof of purchase from Google and vouchers to use for free services. By selecting either Kincaid IT or friEdTechnology, the learning institution will receive free technology deployment services from Kincaid IT as well as free professional development from friEdTechnology.

Kincaid IT’s services are designed for educational organizations with a variety of needs. Qualifying organizations have the opportunity to use their Google for Education vouchers to purchase Kincaid KITs that provide a unique combination of Workspace services based on student population and other factors. Depending on the KIT selected, school districts will receive technical services such as how to set up Chrome, effectively manage their Workspace environment, add more advanced technology tools, solve problems and troubleshoot issues.

friEdTechnology services available through the Google for Education vouchers include training in areas such as Google Classroom, Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education and Google Workspace for Education Plus. The company specializes in providing customized professional development focusing on technology integration to better connect the content students are learning to the educational organization’s technology systems.  

To learn more about how your learning institution can receive free technology support and training through the Google for Education Services Offer, visit this webpage. You may also contact either partner at or

Kincaid IT became a Google for Education partner in 2020. Headquartered in the Midwest’s Kansas City area, the company provides IT support to educational organizations throughout the region. Also a Google for Education partner, friEdTechnology has worked with numerous school districts throughout the United States to provide engaging and useful technology staff training.


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