2021 Google For Education Services Offer

As you purchase Chromebooks or Google Workspace for Education Plus licenses, your organization might be eligible to receive services through the Google for Education Services Offer(GSO). These promotional credits can be applied to IT Deployment services to ensure that your organization is successful in Google for Education.

Our Google For Education Services Offer

Kincaid IT has created multiple KITs to serve your district’s unique needs. Our KITs are a unique combination of Google Workspace services that make it easy to choose what your district needs most help with.
Below is a table that helps you identify which KIT is best for your district.

Chrome Education Upgrades + Chromebooks Google Workspace for Education Plus Available KITs
New Chromebook Customers only (30+)

Launch your Google for Education Domain with

Quickstart KIT

*minimum purchase size for higher education customers

Audit Kit

and 3 hours of Assist Kit


Audit Kit

and Choose 1 of the following:

  • 1-year access to KIT Central Admin
  • a one-day Google Workspace Administrator virtual training


Pick any of the following KITs:

Assist KIT

Express KIT

Education Plus KIT

Security KIT

Chrome KIT

and choose 1 of the following: 

  • One-Day On-site Google Workspace domain administrator training
  • Customized services developed specifically to fit the technical needs of the organization to support the Google deployments

Customized services that could include all of the above or customized technical support including Google Workspace API applications

How To Get Started with Google for Education Services

Complete your Chromebook, Chrome Education Upgrade, or Google Workspace for Education Plus purchase

Proof of purchase is required. (via purchase order or invoice)

Review the KITs available based upon the number purchased
Fill out the form below based upon your product purchase

To get Kincaid IT services, you must select Kincaid IT as your Deployment Partner.

  • Purchase Google Workspace for Education Plus? Fill out this form.
  • Purchase Chromebooks? Fill out this form.

Kincaid IT will contact you once we receive confirmation from Google.

* All Google for Education Deployment services have to be completed between January 12th and November 30th, 2021.

For questions, call us at (913) 228-3061

Why Kincaid

Kincaid IT has been identified by Google as a 2021 Trusted Partner to deliver IT Deployment services for the Google for Education Services Offer. Our technical team can support your district in delivering smart, efficient, and secure IT solutions that can help your administrators, teachers, and students succeed in their educational path.

Google for Education Partner Logo

What we can do for you

We understand that not every district is the same and for this reason, we offer a variety of different IT Deployment Services to fit your organization’s needs. We call these services our deployment KITs and below is an overview of each.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our school/district qualify?

You must complete your purchase (Chromebooks/Chrome Education Upgrades/Google Workspace for Education licenses) and confirm your purchase with Google via this online form. A “New Customer” is any K-12 customer with 30 or less Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrade licenses deployed within their school or district. Proof of purchase for Chrome orders (submitted via invoice or purchase order) must include an equal number of Chromebooks AND Chrome Education Upgrades. 

Our school/district bought Chromebooks/Chrome Education Upgrades/Google Workspace for Education Plus licenses outside the service offering window, can we still get this offer?

The promotion period is between January 12th and September 30th, 2021, or while supplies last. Services need to be redeemed by November 30, 2021.

Can our school/district take advantage of this offer more than once in 2021?

No. Only 1 Chrome order per year is eligible for the promotion. An “order” is defined as all purchases of Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrades by your district/school/organization within a 60-day window during the promotion period. Only 1 Google Workspace for Education order per year is eligible for the promotion. An “order” is defined as all purchases of Google Workspace for Education licenses within a 60-day window beginning Aug 1, 2021.

Have Questions About our Services Offer?

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